Better Restrooms Make for Satisfied Tenants

Building Managers have one main focus: satisfied tenants. Inadequate restroom conditions are one of the top three tenant complaints,1 so keeping them clean and well stocked is key to keeping your building’s occupancy rate on the rise. In fact, some leading Building Managers use their restrooms as a competitive edge that enhances the image of their building, helps retain current tenants and attracts new ones.1

This is why Kimberly-Clark Professional’s* newly developed C.H.E.S.S.* Program places strong emphasis on using Satisfaction as a measure of a winning restroom management strategy.

According to one property manager, "Tenants look at three things: lobbies, elevators and restrooms. That’s where the biggest impressions are made."2 While maintaining a clean restroom can be challenging, it makes a good first impression to attract prospective clients. By aspiring for restrooms to be more than a place for your tenants to relieve themselves, you show your tenants how much you care about them and strive for the best.

Creating a tenant-satisfying restroom depends on the frequency of cleaning, creating a comfortable environment and keeping countertops and other surfaces spotless.2 This means picking up towels and debris often, keeping dispensers fully stocked, and creating a positive experience with attractive fixtures, dispensers and quality products.3 While it may sound simple, getting your restrooms in tip-top shape can be easier said than done without the right help.

Get Satisfied Tenants with Kimberly-Clark* Solutions

Our trusted brands such as Kleenex® and Scott® ensure satisfaction for both you and your tenants. The Kimberly-Clark Professional* performance guarantee covers all our products and dispensers, and provides you with trouble-free performance.4  
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A Kimberly-Clark Professional* C.H.E.S.S.* Program Assessment is a complimentary, no-obligation service we offer to all our qualified valued customers. We’ll partner with you and help you spot improvement opportunities that you may have missed due to the hustle and bustle of everyday tasks. We can then recommend the best products and systems to reduce costs, make your job easier and provide the best solution for your facility.
You can also assess your restroom by taking our quick online C.H.E.S.S.* Test. We even have training and support programs to help you improve your restrooms and move your building to a winning position. Make your workplace healthier, safer and more productive with a consultation from a Kimberly-Clark Professional* representative. Book a Consultation with us today.



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