Move Your Building to a Winning Position with a More Efficient Clean

The life of a Building Manager is anything but relaxing. In the midst of managing everything from HVAC issues to tenant requests, restroom complaints can become a daily pain. "I have trouble keeping my team motivated because they suffer from depression," admits one Building Manager. "Everybody brings problems to us, not solutions. When we do a very good job people forget to say that we’ve done a good job. I have to tell my team not to expect that."

Up to 90% of facility maintenance costs are tied to labor and consumables. One way to improve tenant satisfaction is by maximizing your efficiency in getting the best possible clean. With usually one restroom on each floor and every office worker making multiple restroom visits throughout the day, it’s vital to get the most thorough clean in the shortest amount of time.1

Cleaning productivity rates can severely impact your ability to win and hold tenders, so cleaners are expected to work at high speed. However, this high cleaning workload and productivity rate is almost impossible without compromises, and is usually achieved at the expense of a quality clean. When your occupancy rate depends on how clean your EM Dash, there should be no compromise. This is where Kimberly-Clark Professional* can help.

Identifying Efficiency Opportunities and Offering Solutions

Our team has been trained to identify opportunities to maximize efficiencies, helping create healthier, safer and more productive work environments.2 Let us walk with you through your building, reviewing areas for improvement and offering solutions based on your key business drivers and ease of implementation.

By helping you fix regularly occurring problems – such as ad hoc cleaning and frequently running out of products inside dispensers – Kimberly-Clark Professional* can help free up time for cleaners to do more thorough, hygienic cleans. You save time and effort, get more effective labor use, optimize product usage, and potentially increase revenue opportunities all while helping achieve a cleaner work environment.

As a first step, simply book a consultation with us and we’ll determine how a Kimberly-Clark Professional* Program Specialist can help.



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