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3 Smart Moves to a More Sustainable Restroom

Most Building Managers have already prioritized sustainability and many may be considering green building certification. There is a lot to consider as a Building Manager when developing and executing a sustainability strategy for your building. 

At Kimberly-Clark Professional*, we understand that sustainability is one of the key ways to attract and retain the best tenants. While stricter government regulation may ultimately make green buildings the de facto standard for new and renovated buildings in the future, tenant demand is the primary reason why green buildings are becoming mainstream in today’s Class A commercial real estate market.

Through the newly launched Kimberly-Clark Professional* C.H.E.S.S.* Program (Cleanliness, Hygiene, Efficiency, Sustainability and Satisfaction) not only can we demonstrate the importance of running more sustainable restrooms, we can also illuminate opportunities to achieve your sustainability goals, including:

1. Using FSC® & ECOLOGO certified products for sustainable sourcing and manufacturing (this is important in gaining LEED points)
2. Introducing rapidly renewable plant fiber-based consumables to your tenants (like GreenHarvest* Products.)
3. Reducing restroom consumables usage by using hand towels made with Absorbency Pockets*. Helps to reduce the number of towels people use which is good for the environment and saves you money.
4. Reducing Waste and landfill with recycling and composting programs

What's Your Next Move?
1. Track Volume of Materials Used or Wasted

So you have a waste reduction program in place for your restroom — but can you report, in pounds and dollars, that those efforts are making a difference? Your waste reduction activities may benefit the environment and your bottom line, but, until you are able to measure them with accuracy, their true impact will remain unknown. As a first step, simply book a consultation with us and we’ll determine how a Kimberly-Clark Professional* Program Specialist can help.

2. Enforce a “Green” Code of Conduct for All Suppliers

Operating in compliance with environmental regulatory requirements is fundamental to managing your business. Your efforts must go beyond environmental regulatory compliance to continue to differentiate your building.

Partnering with Kimberly-Clark Professional* provides you access to products that have third-party certifications that have been thoroughly vetted by ENGOs and the government. We pride ourselves on working closely with groups like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), ECOLOGO, UL (Underwriters Laboratory), and ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) to ensure our products have the most rigorous environmental certifications for procurement and manufacturing.

Like you, we never settle for just doing the minimum. We continuously evolve our programs and initiatives to meet customer needs around sustainability. We are proud of our performance and believe in full transparency. You can view all of the details related to our sustainability footprint in our annual Sustainability Report.

3. Design According to Green Standards

Is your restroom designed to reduce water and towel wastage? When considering which products to use for your restroom, make sure you’re making the smart choice.

Let’s use paper towels as an example. Kimberly-Clark Professional’s* proprietary Absorbency Pocket* technology allows for superior hand drying and environmental benefits across our Scott® & Kleenex® Brand products.

Conventional paper towels have tightly compressed fibers, which cause water to sit on top of the towel, taking longer to absorb. Our proprietary paper towels with Absorbency Pockets* are designed with absorbency cells to quickly draw the water in. Because of this, they are faster absorbing, deliver a more effective hand dry, and provide a better restroom experience.

Paper towels with Absorbency Pockets* can also deliver greater operational efficiencies by reducing waste and mess in-use, improving productivity of cleaning staff and restroom image. With respect to the environment, this technology in our paper towels allows us to reduce demand on natural resources with up to 17% less fiber used in production and reducing the amount of waste diverted to landfill. Our compression technology (which gets more hand towels on the roll) also helps reduce carbon emissions by reducing the number of trucks on the road since we can deliver more hand dries per roll. SmartWay has helped Kimberly-Clark reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 734,000 metric tons since 2006 -- the equivalent of taking 138,000 cars off the road for one year.

4. Encourage ‘Green Teams’

As a Building Manager it’s not enough to focus only on using green products; it’s important to understand that sustainability starts from your most important assets – your employees and partners. Are employees encouraged to live green both in and out of the office? Are you creating an environment where your team is actively contributing to sustaining not just the environment but also the communities that we live in? Read our case study to see how we composted towels at our corporate headquarters to divert waste here. And if you’re ready to learn more about composting in your building, download the U.S. Composting Council and Kimberly-Clark Professional* Guide to Workplace Composting.

At Kimberly-Clark, we care about the communities where our employees live and work (see page 32 of our 2014 Sustainability Report). Providing the essentials for a better life means more than providing innovative products; it also means giving back to our communities. Throughout the year, employees from Kimberly-Clark facilities around the world experience the joy of giving by participating in volunteer activities with local nonprofit organizations. We’re also involved in providing product and monetary support to community organizations and disaster relief victims when the need arises.

It’s Your Move.

Now that you know the four basics in managing a sustainable restroom strategy, let’s take the first step toward achieving this together. We strive to help our customers find ways to support their sustainability strategy so book a consultation here.

At Kimberly-Clark Professional*, we are not just committed to creating more sustainable restrooms, but a better planet.

Start your journey to better restrooms. Please complete the form below and a Kimberly-Clark Professional* C.H.E.S.S.* Program Specialist will contact you.

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