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Healthcare Hygiene Guide

When patients, visitors or staff members walk through the doors of your healthcare facility, they’re trusting you with their well-being. As an industry leader in hygiene products, Kimberly-Clark Professional has the tools and solutions that can help reduce cross-contamination in patient rooms and other key areas.

Creating Cleaner, More Hygienic Healing Spaces

From patient rooms to public restrooms, nurses’ stations, and the cafeteria, following are specific actions you can take to help reduce the spread of germs throughout your hospital, doctor’s office, or medical facility.


Frequent hand-washing reinforced for everyone

Display visible reminders and guidelines for staff, patients, and visitors.


Greater surface hygiene throughout facilities

Increase frequency of surface disinfecting with wider staff participation.


Social distancing implemented whenever possible

Encourage physical spacing and use protective barriers consistently.


Appropriate use of personal protective equipment

Provide PPE and train personnel on proper use.


Touchless technology and processes where possible

Use voice-activated commands, activation sensors and doors without handles.


Implementing and encouraging telehealth

Expand access to essential health services via phone and online visits.

Products to Help You Plan, Prepare and Protect

Kimberly-Clark Professional offers a full range of products, including touchless dispensers, designed to help healthcare facilities reduce cross-contamination and maximize hygiene compliance.

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